SeeBeyondBorders provides children in Cambodia with access to quality teaching and learning at school. Our approach is through sustainable development, helping communities help themselves.

We invite direct participation in our projects with volunteers working together with local communities to support and learn about each other’s lives. Offering opportunities for Australians to experience and learn from an Asian way of life is fundamental to our success, and our key point of difference.

Mutual respect and dignity, ongoing local control and management, and a clear exit strategy form the foundations of our work. Ultimately we aim to make ourselves redundant by building in minimal dependency and maximum sustainability.

Teach the Teacher
Our core program is ‘Teach the Teacher’ which involves teacher workshops run by volunteer Australian teachers, mentoring programs and teaching resources that transfer skills and provide targeted professional development to Cambodian primary school teachers. We professionally develop teachers in both Australia and Cambodia and are accredited by the NSW Institute of Teachers as an endorsed provider of Institute Registered professional development for the maintenance of accreditation at Professional Competence level.

Better Schools
Our ‘Better Schools’ program supports infrastructure projects as part of an holistic solution to improving education. It prioritises safe environments, health (particularly water and sanitation installations), teacher housing and facilities that aid child participation (playgrounds, gardens, art areas).

Getting to School
Our ‘Getting to School’ program is community focused, supporting families trying to educate their children. It offers targeted support, relieving children of work responsibilities so they can attend school and, once there, helps make sure they are sufficiently well-fed and healthy to be attentive.

Our projects are completely dependent on the generosity of supporters. We invite those interested, to share and shape our approach, to engage with different communities, and to contribute to change.

For more information, please visit our website at: www.seebeyondborders.org