Good Food, Good Mood: A shared meal with the Rohalsoung Kert School Community

The first stop on the SHAPE Project Team’s adventure in Cambodia was Phnom Penh, where they recovered from jet lag, prepped for the work ahead, and visited some local sites to learn about Cambodia’s dark history. The work the SHAPE Project Team is doing with SeeBeyondBorders to improve education in Cambodia will feel even more impactful after understanding the devastating impact of the Khmer Rouge regime on their education system.

Now in Battambang, the location of SeeBeyondBorders’ headquarters, the Project Team is visiting several schools in the surrounding districts. After an exhausting morning laying concrete, the Australian volunteers and the Khmer school communities cooled off over a shared a meal. Everyone brought their favorite grub from home to share.


We asked one of the volunteers, Ben Mahmoud, to share his experience of a meal consisting of words he doesn’t understand, but a shared language: food.

“Meeting with the people from the local community and sharing a meal after a hard day’s work was such a great experience, to be able to celebrate our accomplishments thus far.
Even though there is a language barrier we all share the same goal of creating a better future for the kids of the community.
The food was so good, really fresh and gave us a taste of what Cambodia has to offer. Thank you to the community people for all their efforts and hospitality.”

With renewed energy, the afternoon sun meant it was back to work to prepare for tomorrow’s sports day.


Thank you, SHAPE for including SeeBeyondBorders in your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts! Learn more about Corporate Sponsorship on our website:


Author: SeeBeyondBorders

SeeBeyondBorders provides children in Cambodia with access to quality teaching and learning at school. Our approach is through sustainable development, helping communities help themselves.

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