Another Hard Day’s Work

Today’s update is written by Rocio:

After an exhausting day of work yesterday we meet at 6am for breakfast as usual as our bodies and minds slowly start to wake up. The sun is already up and another hot promising day is starting for the team.

The group is divided into two: six people going to Balang Leur school where they will have to make the pathway to the toilet block and four people going to Sang Rang school where they will be painting the toilet block and concrete the handwashing station.

At Balan Leur the community people initially look at us a bit untrusting when we arrive. It takes us a little while to gain their confidence but once they see we can actually work and help them we join together as a team, partnering with the locals and finishing a lot earlier than expected.

We then get a new task to help them collecting the rubbish (as they do not have a collection system and have to burn it) but not without being advised of the risk of snakes in the area… I wondered why kids were afraid of going to the toilet before having the path! Fortunately we only find a few red ants in our way. Children are once again part of everything we do, getting involved and after we finish they share with us a few popular songs.


We are done in Balang Leur and we head up to Sang Rang to have another beautiful lunch prepared by the community and to help our colleagues finishing the toilet block. Here they have done an amazing gardening job and the handwashing station already looks great with the concrete.

Painting the toilet block is so much fun now the hard work of sanding it has already been done by Sophie, Isy, Gareth and Fiona, and we end up getting cosy (up to three people) in a 1×1m square cubicle as we paint to the rhythm of our own laughter.


We are done and very proud of another beautiful day of hard work that will hopefully make the children’s lives easier and better.

The day finishes with probably the most amazing circus spectacle we have ever seen organised by an NGO that runs an arts school for Cambodian kids. Simply incredible!!


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