A Painful History Lesson

Second day in Phnom Penh starts quite early. After a nice breakfast we head up to the Tuol Sleng Prison through the very busy roads of the city in rush hour. All of us had a rough idea about that dark period of Cambodia’s history; yet after a one hour tour through the different sections we have no words to describe what we saw here. Terrifying pictures on the walls and blood stains on the floor make us shiver as well as the stories of 2 survivors that still tell their experiences with a smile on their faces but also with a gloomy bright in their eyes.

Nobody talks on our way to the Killing Fields. More is yet to come and we try to prepare ourselves for that. The place is so green and peaceful now that it’s hard to believe what it once was. However we can still feel the fear as we walk along and as we hear those horrendous recorded testimonies.

Not many pictures from today. It’s been a tough morning and looks like nobody is in the mood. We still have a long and bumpy journey to Battambang, a nice opportunity to go through our feelings and emotions. After a good 6 hours and an emergency stop (when our driver enlisted the help of a local child to check the brakes!) we get to the hotel. Tomorrow will be another day full of experiences and we need to re-fill our energy.



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