Fun stuff

July 9

Evidently “I’ve given him the funny money, lets’s get out of here!” is not the best way to pay your bill and hastily exit a restaurant. Especially when the money is good and correct. Our group, sans your trusty blogger, did that yesterday evening after the karaoke and were chased into the street by the owner who thought they’d pulled a fast one.

The lessons today were really good. The teachers evidently displayed all the competence and confidence needed to do this demanding job. I saw some outdoor lessons that were great fun. I even did a little survey at the end asking the class if they enjoyed thier lesson. Unanimous assent.

There was fun on the other side of the desk too, so I hear. Something to do with a fake snake being thrown onto the desk by one teacher to another.

Our groups are really getting into the dynamic of active and involved lessons to get the students thinking. One of our teachers got a valuable insight into some of the hazards of the job when her lesson plan was mislaid and her carefully laid out materials inadvertently tidied away by one of the regular staff members of the school. An important lesson in being calm, thinking on your feet and improvisation. The lesson itself went over so well that it was amazing to discover that the teacher was a contact teacher with little formal training. Some people are born to teach!


Our group then split, some for an afternoon off and some to do PDHPE at a school near Angkor Wat. Simone, though, opted to go solo, staying behind at the school to help her teachers prepare for their lessons for tomorrow. She reports that she had the best lunch she has had on the whole trip.

The school at which we did the fundamental movement program was a contrast to the other schools we have seen. Glass in the windows, for one thing! The school has been the beneficiary of sponsorship from a number of organisations including PLAN. A young boy, who’s name is Puon, made himself a star. If the school ever needs a poster or a brochure, I am sure he will be make sure he’s on the cover! The school was the most rural of all too. We past though clutches of chickens and wayward cows being chased down by scowling farm kids both too and from the gate to the school (helpfully opened by Puon).

(Puon and mates selfie)


The evening had some of us watching the State of Origin. I wandered the streets and encountered some of the hazards of being a tourist alone in so heavily touristified a city. Offers of, er, all sorts, mostly unwelcome.

It’s all an experience, I suppose.


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