Embracing the Spirit

July 8

I was really pleased with our workshop today. Good group, chatty and willing. Much more satisfied with what I brought to the room as well. Jenny and I continue to work quite well as a double act, moving in and out of the presentation as an efficient tag team. Lots more activities for inside and outside, constant questioning and probing, and the all important spirit of bravery that seemed to be embraced by all. As with last week, the truth will out tomorrow as to how effective we in fact were.

(another photogenic wheel hub school bell)

A disturbing scenario reported by Peter is that their teachers thought they were presenting their lesson to us and not the kids. Apparently some blanched looks when they found out it was in fact a normal classroom session (with students they’d never seen before). It in no way occurred to me that our group might be under the same misapprehension. Interesting times could lie ahead. Be brave!

For the first time today I began to get a sense that we’re now nearing the end. It quite gripped the heart. I feel like an actor in a successful TV show or play when the show’s run is nearing its end. Yes, there are some more episodes to do and important ones at that, but the last line of the last scene is a tangible thing now. We have a wonderful cast that has come together as a supportive family. Our producers, Kate and Ed, are comprehensively wonderful. We have shared adventures and seen each other at our shining best and overcoming the worst of illness and discomfort. We have worked with inspiring guest-stars (from our point of view) who fill us with admiration. There is a temptation to try to hold on to that. But that would of course be a mistake.

So I will banish sadness for now and look forward to the work still to be done, but later I will let myself indulge a little as it is quite the right feeling to be having when a great thing leaves your life.



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