Sad Goodbyes & New Beginnings



Saturday was our final day of working with the Khmer teachers in Bavel. The closing ceremony was a bittersweet experience. In the Khmer teachers’ final speech, they spoke of their progress in learning a variety of pedagogical approaches that will be implemented and shared on their return to their schools and classrooms.


The Australian teachers were incredibly overwhelmed at the effort and generosity the Khmer teachers showed in making us beautiful handmade gifts. This group of teachers will forever hold a special place in our hearts.



New Beginnings

Today we embarked upon our second Workshop at a lovely teaching college just outside of Siem Reap.  Everyone in the workshops enjoyed a full day of teaching and learning, getting to know one another and embracing every opportunity to participate in interactive and engaging activities.

Sharing some thoughts of the day:

“Different groups, some adjustments and an excellent day working together” – Ruth

The project team had the challenge of trekking through the local markets in order to purchase much-needed resources for the week. The men worked tirelessly putting together our fantastic sports hurdles whilst overcoming a rather enthusiastic barrier – the local school children thought it was more fun to take the hurdles apart rather than put them together!

Sharing some Project Team thoughts:

“Best ever view from my room!” – Gretha

The view from Gretha’s room

“The markets today were very challenging, it was squeezy and there were a lot of people who looked incredibly poor and were begging. It was really interesting to see how maybe the real Cambodians shop and the variety of things they could buy ” – Liz



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