Day One and Two

[Posted by Jess]

Day one started with a little anxiety, mixed with excitement as we set off to embark on our unknown adventure. Both the teaching team and the project team were welcomed graciously by the Khmer teachers and facilitators.

The teachers spent their first two days in awe at the enthusiasm and commitment of the teachers from the Bavel region. The teachers are embracing the new ideas demonstrated in the program including lesson plans, the importance of questioning and moving students from the use of concrete materials through to abstract ideas.

“It was great to see the entire community at Prek Chdor primary school getting involved in the sport program. Lots of laughter and joyful participation.”- Eliza

“This was a wonderful day of learning for everyone, both local Cambodian teachers and the Aussie teachers. The Cambodian teachers engaged positively in the professional learning day with energy, commitment, and professionalism. For the Aussie teachers it was a day which flowed from anxiety and hope to fulfilment and deep learning.”- Warren

” It was an exciting day, you could see that when the teachers first arrived they were reluctant to even speak to their partners. As the day went on and we engaged them through games and activities, it broke down the barriers and they were happier to share their answers. When asked to reflect on their day, their favourite part was the outdoor games, which included; what’s the time mister tiger, clumps, and catch the fish.”- Carole

The project team has been working hard to improve the classrooms at two of the schools in Battambang; concreting, sanding and teaching art. It was an amazing experience meeting the staff and children of the schools who were really enthusiastic about helping the team with their hard work.

“What was amazing today was that the children were extremely willing to help. The hospitality from the community and the food they prepared for us was a gourmet delight.”- Liz

“Before today the only sanding Nanna Lee had done was with an emery board.”- Lee


2 thoughts on “Day One and Two”

  1. It’s lovely to read your individual comments and reflections; sounds like you’re all having a great time and enjoying the new challenges and experiences. Like Priscilla, I wish I was there too! Jo.


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