The journey so far!


All three groups enjoyed a beautiful sunset cruise along the Mekong river.
The teachers meet the lovely children at a school near Battambang.


The lovely Aussie teachers spending some time with the children of Battambang.


One of our Aussie teachers, Meg, visiting a school in Battambang.


Observed an amazing lesson from a Khmer teacher who has been through the SeeBeyondBorders program.


Another Aussie teacher, Jess, teaching the children to put their ‘thumbs up’ when something is good!

We arrived in Battambang on Sunday night at dusk, excited about getting into the ‘real work.’
On Monday morning the teaching team set off bright and early to see some Khmer teachers who have been a part of the SeeBeyondBorders workshops over the last few years. It was great to see the amazing results that this program is bringing to schools within the Battambang region.
We were then lucky enough to spend some time with generous teachers in their classrooms, who are just about to begin the SeeBeyondBorders journey with us. Our translators and facilitators have been incredibly helpful to us as we prepare for the first ‘Addition’ workshops this week.

Below are some thoughts from our experiences thus far;
-“I’ve really enjoyed meeting and getting to know the amazing people who we are going to work with!” -Maree
-“Already, even before teaching, it’s been overwhelming to be a part of this program. Witnessing the amazing teaching that the Khmer teachers are doing as a result of the program, makes me feel very humbled and privileged to be here” – Meg

The Project Team

The Project Team have had a great time preparing for the program and getting to know each other.
We have had an interesting experience, shopping locally in Battambang for the what we needed to pack the hygiene bags. Rob, very skillfully, found the pantyhose that would hold the soaps. Once we had all the items we needed, the team came together and had an enjoyable afternoon on the roof top filling 500 stockings with the soap bars and mastering the ‘Jenkins’ knot.’
Throughout the journey of finding materials, we came across a mix up in translation – buying 75 bowls instead of 5 scoopers. Long story short, the bowls remain at our hotel’s reception (just in case anyone needs a spare bowl).
Tomorrow, we are looking forward to concreting, painting and cleaning! We’ll keep you posted!

The Project and Teaching teams enjoyed spending some quality time appreciating (in awe), the amazing talent that the children off the street in the Battambang area have developed within the Phare Ponleu Selpak (cultural, artistic and social centre).

Below are some thoughts from the Project Team’s experience so far;
-“I really enjoyed getting to know the rest of the Project Team” ~ Elyse
-“I no longer have to worry about the pain in my stomach, my behind is so sore!!” ~ Mitch


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