The program in Battambang saw a change in the structure of the workshops. Protests in Phenom Penh meant that the Battambang Teacher’s Training College was unavailable as a venue for the See Beyond Borders program due to the rescheduling of student exams. The workshops were relocated to a district school, 20 minutes from the town centre. This presented a rare chance for Australian teachers to experience working in a rural Cambodian classroom.


The change in location also led to a decision to further the involvement of the SSB teaching staff in the delivery of the workshops. The Aussie teachers taught the morning session and handed over to the SBB teaching staff to run the afternoon session.

This change proved to be an excellent move and the SBB teachers more than rose to the challenge! They were amazing!

It was agreed by all that the Battambang workshops were extremely successful.

Meanwhile the Project Team had also been busy. Here is a snap shot of the different programs they helped deliver in Battambang district:



The art program: a colourful success and a real favourite with the kids!




Enrolment Day: Travelling around to remote villages aboard a trailer packed with excited kids, the SBB volunteers joined the community’s campaign to boost enrolment and encourage children (and their parents) to enrol at their local school.




The school maintenance/building program: it was all hands on deck as the SBB team pitched in to help members of the community to lay cement in a local school playground.




The health program: the team and community members worked together to educate school children about the importance of hand washing and dental hygiene!



The sports program: what is school without a little healthy competition?! The kids had energy to spare and there was always time for one more game!


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