Siem Reap Project Work

A teacher’s reflection…

Bouncing over bumpy roads, surrounded by flooded low lands, two teachers with decades of experience were about to be amazed. We had joined the seebeyondborders borders program and were privileged to be given a day out of the workshops to join the project team.

Imagine a line up of children , 300 strong, waiting silently beyond the school entrance gates, not just for a few minutes but for however long it took for a van to be unloaded of its human cargo and bags of sporting and art equipment.

In all my teaching experience I have never been able to achieve what our Cambodian compatriots were able to do on this morning.

This image will stay with me for life , along with myriads of others which tumble around in my mind …..

The expectant looks on both the Khmer teachers and children.
The wide smiles and gentle bows.

The dawning of understanding and the sheer admiration of ours for khmer teachers who have over 60 students in their classrooms with nothing but chalkboards and wooden desks.

The realization that there may not be power in the school , or iPads, or smart boards.

Within our teaching group we have been humbled by the humility and determination of people who want to make a difference for the children from their village. By the extreme competence of our translators who can interpret our ramblings. Of the saddest of stories of families torn apart.

As a teacher, I feel I have learnt more in this two week project than through my entire teaching career. And even though my contribution is small, it only takes us all to make the smallest of changes to bring about great change. As Nelson Mandela said, ” education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”


2 thoughts on “Siem Reap Project Work”

  1. What an amazing experience you have had. I am so happy that you have felt the magic of Cambodia and so thankful that there are teachers like you who can help us achieve our goals.
    Priscilla xx


  2. Reading of the Team’s exploits and delights is rather like reading a favourite novel. Congratulations on the work you have all volunteered to undertake. regards Christene


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