Health program update

A rural outing yesterday morning lead us to be in a wonderful school running a health program, encouraging children to practise hygiene routines. The enthusiasm of the kids was overwhelming and our activities included teeth brushing, hand washing, weighing and height measurement. The Australian teachers running the workshops had shining clean teeth and spotless hands, by the end of our rotating groups.  The children who were waiting their turn had lots of fun playing ball games, and we were able to have some brave children have a go at group skipping.

Group skipping

The highlight of the trip was giving out the wash bags decorated by Glen’s class. The students receiving these were thrilled to choose one of these carefully designed bags, which had travelled all the way from Sydney, Australia. The smiles on their faces were reward enough.

Glen at Peam with bags

Our first workshop day passed by with rapid speed. Getting to know our new Cambodian colleagues will take time, but relationships are easily built. We’re looking forward to engaging further with the ‘building concepts’ workshops. The teachers loved the warm up and lesson break games, which resulted in much laughter and glee from translating ‘duck, duck, goose’. ‘Ghosts, monks and ladies’ was a new game for the Australian teachers to learn, resulting in much fun and engagement across cultures.


Jessica and teeth brushing handwashing at Peam teeth brushing Kate collecting weight data at Peam

kea with bag


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