Workshop fun!!

Day 2 and 3 of our week one workshop experience in Cambodia have been filled with much fun and excitement from both Australian and Cambodian participants alike. All barriers or concerns of getting to know one another have been broken down, and the real fun has begun.

It was a great privilege felt by all the Australian teachers to be able to go into a Cambodian classroom and see lessons implemented by our workshop teachers. Transferring this theory into practice and seeing the engagement and reaction of the children was pure joy! There was a strong collaborative sense to this teaching which helped teachers overcome their nerves of being watched while at work.

The reflection process following the lesson was a beneficial one allowing mentors to give positive feedback in response to the observed lesson and areas to improve. The Cambodian teachers took this professional process on board and were receptive to the constructive feedback, with their colleagues supporting their efforts.

A really uplifting opportunity for the Australian teachers with the mentors ultimately after day 3 being able to lead these evaluative sessions independently – with the Australian teachers taking on a facilitator role.

DSC01671 DSC01668 DSC01665 DSC01662 DSC01658


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