Latest news from Cambodia

We arrived safely in Kampong Cham after a busy last day in Phnom Penh.

Our last day in the city was a sombre affair, as participants spent the day visiting the genocide prison and the killing fields. It was an extremely moving experience for all, with palpable feelings when hearing the first hand account of survivors from the Khmer Rouge regime. The killing fields were also a harrowing encounter, with a juxtaposed peace in the surroundings.

The first workshop day in Kampong Cham was full of nervous excitement for Cambodian and Australian teachers alike. We spent the morning presenting ideas about best practice whilst getting to know one another. The people are full of smiles and appreciation for the shared learning experience we’re embarking on. We’re already learning a lot from them and hope to be able to reciprocate with our own sharing of skills. The translators are AMAZZZZING!!! and have been instrumental in forging a bridge between cultures.

We’re all looking forward to see what tomorrow brings.

Until then take care,



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