Tears, laughter, hope and farewell!

Writing the very last blog for this amazing journey is a somewhat emotional experience.
We have all expressed that words just cannot do justice to how heartbreaking, beautiful, inspiring and educational this trip had been. It really is a life changing journey to partake in.

Our last day of the Siem Reap workshops ended with lessons, games, shared experiences between the Khmer teachers and Australian teachers, and a formal graduation ceremony.

The graduation saw the Khmer and Australian teachers honour each other with speeches of thanks and gratitude. The shared respect between cultures was clearly evident and Siobhan expressed thanks on behalf of the Australian teachers and did an amazing job!

With feelings of sadness, accomplishment and hope we all said goodbye to the great Khmer teachers. We know it would not be possible to work so closely with these teachers without the SeeBeyondBorders program! And the workshops would definitely be impossible without our amazing interpreters. We have formed very close friendships with all of our interpreters and hope to see them again soon!

Our official end to the January 2013 SeeBeyondBorders program was a dinner shared with all of the SBB team including interpreters, the Cambodian SBB staff and all of the Australian teachers. There was many a tear shed (most shed by me), lots of laughter and a genuine feeling of hope.

We were blessed with an amazing project team, their enthusiasm, dedication and support were unwavering! Chris, Liz, Jo and Aideen we could not have achieved all that we did without you!

I have truly seen that change does begin with education and we all hope that by working closely with Khmer teachers, the children of Cambodia will benefit.

These last two weeks have been awe inspiring and this amazing program would not be possible without Mr Ed, Kate, Jo, Mr Boep, Sophea, Sophen and the SBB team!
We are all so very grateful that we have been a part of SeeBeyondBorders and I’m sure many of us are already looking ahead to the next time we can travel to Cambodia to be a part of the SBB teach the teachers program!

Signing off for one last time (with a few tears in my eyes!)

-Nikki (and all of the January 2013 group!)


Handing out certificates at the Graduation Ceremony
Handing out certificates at the Graduation Ceremony
Handing out certificates at the Graduation Ceremony.
Handing out certificates at the Graduation Ceremony.
The Aussie teachers
The Aussie teachers







2 thoughts on “Tears, laughter, hope and farewell!”

  1. What an amazing trip it sounds to be. My 9 year old daughter and I have just been looking through the blog and all the photos. She says “the schools in Cambodia look very different to the school I go to here”! It has been lovely sitting here talking with her about it. I so look forward to being part of one of the trips this year. Caroline and Laura


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