What’s the time Mr Tiger?

Days 1 and 2 of the workshops in Siem Reap have begun with a call to prayer and the chatter of the birds in the trees. Day 1 we were welcomed to the Jesuit Centre with a really wonderful welcome ceremony and the excitement of meeting out new teachers.
Our 2 days have been a wonderful mix of introductions, games and more lessons to be taught.
We are based at the Jesuit Reflection Centre which is a beautiful, tranquil space. A real escape from the bustling streets of Siem Reap.
We have open air classrooms which makes teaching a breeze (excuse the pun!)
It was really nice to meet up with our translators and the SBB team again and share stories and catch up.
Meeting a new group of teachers and teaching different workshops provides us with many new and exciting challenges. We are all enjoying interacting and meeting a new group of teachers to work with. It was a bit slow going on our first day, but on day 2 the Siem Reap participants are really starting to relax and are becoming more involved in the activities. ‘Guess My Number’ and ‘What’s the Time Mr Tiger?’ are the games which are the most popular thus far! We are very much looking to the next few days.
-Anna, Siobhan and Nikki





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