Sensational … this was how Ingrid described our day at Neam Roub school yesterday and I’m sure we all felt the same way!  Visiting the schools creates many sensations, the first of which was probably our lurching stomachs as we drove along the bumpy road in our van, dipping in and out of huge potholes.

Sights and sounds were the colourful artworks created by the children and their laughter and chatter as they went through the sport routines.  Taste was probably that of the dust that got kicked up along the way!  And then of course there were the big red ants that dropped out of trees and down our shirts … ouch, they bit hard!

Siobhan’s sister Aiden has joined us for the week, all the way from Ireland, and Kathy’s sons Jason, Declan and friend Amanda also came with us today while on a brief visit to Siem Reap on their travels to other parts.

We stayed at Neam Roub for both morning and afternoon school sessions and took a little nap in the classroom at mid-day.  I’ll let the photos below do the rest of the talking!

Declan and Jason building garden bed walls.

Ed the brickie
Kathy explaining the importance of listening for the whistle.Image
The entrance to Neam Roub SchoolImage
Ball control skills


Before lessons started the children swept the classrom with twig broomsImage
Jason and Amanda took a well-earned rest during the lunch break.Image
Aiden admiring a small selection of the artworks.ImageImage
Kathy managed to colour coordinate herself well today!ImageImageImageImage
Amanda demonstrating different skipping combinations.
Image ImageImage
Ingrid with the “Over and Under” line.Image
It’s a long way to the basket for some …ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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