New ways with laundry baskets

On Friday (Day 7) the projects team was boosted in numbers with Siobhan, Marg and Lou joining us, along with twelve year 12 girls from Brigidine School and their 3 group leaders, Fran, Michael and Sue. This meant we were able to run sport and art sessions at two schools concurrently.

The sport program involves skills-based activities set up as 6 separate stations that the students rotate through simultaneously.  Exercises include throwing underarm into a laundry basket at different distances for hand/eye coordination; stopping, kicking and dribbling a soccer ball for ball control skills; chest passes; catching different sized balls; skipping; three-legged races to encourage cooperation and relay races for team building – and fun! In art the children made and coloured ‘Chatterboxes’ and created wonderful designs by ‘Taking a line for a walk’ (see pics below).

At Bak Amrek School, we had around 100 students. Marg, Chris and Sue ran the sport session for half the children and Liz and Fran ran the art class before swapping over the groups. The kids very soon got the hang of responding to the whistle to stop, start and move to the next station and the school grounds were buzzing with activity, concentration and laughter.  Sopat (Boeb’s wife) and I retreated to a classroom to help community members mix and spread concrete for the new floor.

At Rohal Soungkat School there were over 200 students so Ed, Siobhan, Lou and Michael had a fairly frenetic time!  Their sports session ended with a self-devised game that involved hitting bamboo balls using a laundry basket as a bat  – crazy cricket!  It was a game of speed, strength and accuracy that was hilarious and immensely popular. How resourceful are these children?!

And so ended another busy day that was also loads of fun.

P.S. Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of the kids playing Crazy Cricket with the laundry baskets – probably too hard and fast to stand nearby with a camera! 

IMG_7811 IMG_7859
Dribbling soccer balls and catching skills with different sized balls.
IMG_7866 IMG_7812
Underarm throwing into the basket from increasing distances, and skipping.
IMG_7876 IMG_7838
Making ‘Chattterboxes’ in the art class.
IMG_7799 IMG_7879
Liz helping with the folding and then the finished results.
IMG_7900 IMG_7796
Siobhan proudly showing the kids’ ‘Take a line for a walk’ artworks and Sopat spreading concrete.


3 thoughts on “New ways with laundry baskets”

  1. It’s great to see the project teams in action! You achieved so much in one day. I’m sure the kids from those schools will be talking about this day for weeks and it will add that bit more motivation to get to school. Great stuff!


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