Angkor Wat at its Best

[Posted by Liz and Ingrid]

An early morning start, tuktuk ride, excitement and anticipation we were on our way to Angkor Wat at 5am. Unsure what would lie ahead after buying tickets which included our mug shots, the day’s adventure began. Ed, as our illustrious leader, chose an awesome spot away from the bustling crowd where we watched the sun appear in the sky – we all agreed that waking at 5 am was worth it. The reflection over the water was magical and something we will never forget.

Reluctantly we left the peace and tranquility to venture forth to Angkor Thom another inspiring site that left us gob smacked. The sheer magnitude of the whole temple was a sight to behold. We were astounded by the knowledge of engineering and architectural expertise in the 12th century.

The intricate carvings on the stone told the history of wars and life in the 12th century. We explored nooks and crannies climbed, twisted and turned along pathways and stairs, absorbing the beauty around us.

We now more fully understand why this site is world heritage listed.





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