A smoking pot!

Smoking Pot in Battambang!

Our cooking adventure was a great success with the highlight being the experience of buying our own produce at the local markets.

At the markets we encountered all sorts of food, people and smells…..

We learned lots about the local produce and how it is used, we came across fresh fish still alive and jumping out of the tanks, the local butcher chopping up the sometimes suspect meats, as well as frogs and other things we are yet to find a name for!

Chef Vannak walked us through the purchases and explained how the different veggies, meat and herbs are used in local cuisine.

After returning to the Smoking Pot restaurant we were then given the chance to cook some of the amazing food we have tasted during our time so far.

Vannak explained the techniques as we sliced, diced and ground our way to a Chicken Amok and a delicious spicy Beef Basil delight.

Actually, maybe the best part was sitting down to enjoy our efforts and over -indulge in tasty Cambodian cuisine and good company.

It was yet another way of experiencing the local culture and we will definitely be taking home the taste of Cambodia……. and maybe even a recipe or two!

-Chris and Marg






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