Building and digging

We’re a little bit behind on our Projects team posts so I’m going back to Day 6 now (Thursday), when Anna and Barbara rotated out of the teaching workshops to join the projects team for the day.  After splitting into two groups of three we set out into the countryside to do some work on salas.  Primarily used by the village elders, a sala is a simple structure that serves as a community centre in remote settlements.

Liz, Chris and Anna went to Ousangout and built a wall on one side of the sala. Never in her wildest dreams did Anna imagine that one day she would be laying bricks and building walls in Cambodia – she was ecstatic!  At the end of the day everyone was exhausted after playing games with the many children who came to join them.  ‘Rabbit Rabbit Monkey’ and ‘What’s the Time Mr Tiger’ were particularly popular.

Barbara, Ed and Jo went to Loor village where SeeBeyondBorders had visited in 2009 to help with building their sala.  Since that time the sala has been fully enclosed and decorated with murals and festive flags – a beautiful place for meeting, eating, resting and worship.  On this visit we found ourselves digging holes for fence posts. Our tools were little metal scoops on a wooden pole and the earth was so full of clay that it was a bit like digging with a toothpick. Despite our slow progress, by the end of the day we were proud to have dug around 30 holes with much help from the community.

Both groups were treated to a delicious lunch and it was a privilege to spend time with the locals and work alongside them – a very special day for us all.

wall building





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