Workshop number 1!

Day 6 saw the teachers begin their first day of the workshops, I think it is safe to say we were all a little bit apprehensive but very excited to begin.
We began the day with a formal opening ceremony; we felt very privileged to be recognised in such an honourable way.
Introducing ourselves to our groups was the beginning of an exhausting but rewarding day. Every workshop was filled with laughter, professional discussions and moments of lost translation that were overcome by our amazing interpreters.
Some of our favourite moments of the day were playing a variety of games with the Khmer teachers. We all joined in and our inner child shone through.
Our end of day reflection was one of excitement and enthusiasm as we shared stories of our great first day knowing that we have 3 more workshops with a fantastic group of Khmer teachers.
Meanwhile our great project team was busy searching the Battambang markets for supplies to assist with the health component of the SBB project.
They worked late in the afternoon forming an effective production line to produce hundreds of health kits to be distributed to the students at the schools they will be visiting this week. Earlier in the day they visited the SBB office to round up and organise equipment that will be used in the schools’ sports and art programs.
After an extremely busy day we are looking forward to another productive day tomorrow.
All ready to go with Workshop Day 1

At the Opening Ceremony



2 thoughts on “Workshop number 1!”

    1. Ha ha! How well you know it Priscilla! We miss you terribly and wish you were here to join the team. What an amazing group they are – both personally and professionally. You would be so proud of the incredible improvements in the teachers at this workshop. So many of them are now very familiar faces – we recognize the “naughty kids” in the class, and the conscientious mentors hold the teachers on a tight rein! The lessons we saw in the schools were so “right” I had to fight back tears! So many tales of achievement by the Khmer teachers to share with you and I can’t sing the praises of the Aussie teachers loudly enough.Totally flexible, generous and professional.Talk soon.We all send our love.


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