School visits

Day 5 of our experience saw us visit 2 Battambang schools that work with SeeBeyondBorders. We were lucky enough to sit in a classroom and observe a teacher who is a mentor with the SeeBeyondBorders program. The principal, the teachers and the students welcomed us with open arms.

It was very evident the impact of SeeBeyondBorders as you walked through to observe a lesson – from the driveway that was built by the project teams, to the resources the teacher and the students were using and  the displays in the classroom.

We really felt like colleagues as we sat in the staff room and had a morning tea provided to us by the school and discussed the positive impact the program has had on student growth and achievement. The afternoon saw us set up our ‘classrooms’ for the week and we all immediately felt at home as we prepared for our lessons.

SeeBeyondBorders really does make a difference and the team are very excited to begin their teacher training workshops tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “School visits”

  1. Thank you the photos are impressive, brilliantly reflecting the text. The contribution made by SBB is palpable simply reading your report. Trusting that the continuing work you are all doing continues to flourish after you return home. Sincere regards Christene


    1. Thank you, Christene, from the entire SBB team – we love reading your comments and really appreciate your interest in following our progress in Cambodia!


  2. Would have loved to see the school and teaching today, so great that you all go to see what can be achieved. Lots of love, have a great day tomorrow.


    1. It really was great to visit the schools today and even better if you’d been there to watch the lessons and see the progress … we miss you, Priscilla!


  3. That looks like a really rewarding day. I hope it’s a great inspiration for the workshops today and ahead. Great to see the photos!


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