Day 4 – Battambang and more cycling!

Today (Monday) we chose to either bike ride or spend a day exploring Battambang.  Ten of us set off on a rather motley assortment of bikes to visit some schools supported by SeeBeyondBorders, while the remaining four had a brilliant day sampling the many delights that Battambang has to offer.

After a few kilometres on a sealed road, the cyclists hit the dirt again and we bumped our way by the river’s edge to visit Prek Loung, Sdeileu and Sdey Krom schools.  Along the way we witnessed so many scenes of Cambodian village life: women and men working hard for daily survival, children playing, animals by the roadside and even a pig in mud! We saw all manner of food being prepared and dried including fish, frogs and rats and rode rather quickly past a smelly fish paste factory.

Today was the Independence Day Public Holiday so there were no students at the schools but it was a great chance for everyone to see the type of schools and conditions that the Cambodian teachers work with.  It was also a chance for those on the Projects Team last year to re-visit schools where they had worked last year.

Before dinner everyone gathered for sunset on the hotel rooftop and a group reflection on their first few days in Cambodia – a moving reflection for everyone.



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