Tuol Sleng Museum and The Killing Fields

Day 3 began with a visit to Tuol Sleng prison and the Killing Fields.
Words cannot express how it feels to enter into what once were classrooms to see the atrocities that were performed under the regime of Pol Pot.
Our guide escaped the horrors of The Khmer Rouge in 1975 by walking to Vietnam and nearly dying of starvation. She lost her father, sister and brother and described how hard it was to tell her story without crying.

The experience was something we will never forget, seeing the thousands of pictures that represented the horror and devastation of what went on in those prisons is something that will stay with me and I’m sure the other group members forever.

We were lucky enough to meet 2 of the only seven survivors of Tuol Sleng. Both men have written their stories and It was humbling to see their smiling faces as they share their own harrowing experiences.

As you can imagine the bus ride back was very quiet as we all needed the time to reflect on the information, history and horrific stories.





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