Bike rides, local villages and a sunset cruise along the Mekong!

Hi all,

Our second day of our amazing journey began with a great breakfast, giant coffees and some carb loading for the 40km bike ride through the local villages of Phnom Penh.

After many height adjustments and helmet fittings we began our bike ride! I think a lot of us couldn’t quite believe we were riding for 40km! The scenery was beautiful and a highlight was seeing the excitement on the faces of the children as we rode by! They would run out onto the road and yell very happy ‘hellos’ and give us a high five along the way.

We stopped at a local school and the children came running to greet us. They were so excited to have their photo taken and have a chat and share what little English they knew. Ed conducted a mini English lesson in front of the school and we taught them high fives and had lots of photos with them. When their school bell rang they were very sad to see us go.

We continued on the journey and after the first 20ks many of us thought we could definitely handle another 20! What an achievement!
After a well deserved meal and a rest we got ourselves ready for a sunset cruise along the Mekong! Chips, dips, wine and beer were a perfect accompaniment to a beautiful back drop.

What an amazing day and we will keep you posted on our upcoming adventures!





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