Pictures worth a thousand words

As our time on this trip grows to a close the team gears up for the final two days… All are as enthusiastic, if not more so then when we set out about our work in this unique country, and we are determined to finish strongly.

Many thoughtful and insightful observations have been made by all team members during our regular “reflection” sessions, and also during one on one conversations.  At times people have felt frustrated, saddened, hopeful and confused about the problems facing Cambodia.

We can all agree there is not one neat cureall for this country, and there is just so much that needs to be done. 

The teaching workshops have been more challenging this week with some of the Australian trainers finding their Khmer student teachers a tougher crowd.  However, with only two days to go we are happy to report that there have been some break throughs, with What’s the Time Mr Tiger and the Hokey Pokey  activities raising more than a chuckle amongst the students. 

The Projects Team heads out to another school and in a uniquely Cambodian style we learn that Thursdays are not regular school days.  Thursdays are given over to professional development for the teachers and the students attend school to learn “life skills” participating in activities like gardening, maintenance, art and sport  –  well that’s the general idea but most of the schools we have seen lack any sort of arts and crafts supplies or sporting equipment.  They really have next to nothing.

Joined by Sophie and Jenny here’s some of what the Projects Team got up to today…

Breakfast at the Meekong Crossing
Teachers Amy S and Kate D ready to roll with Mr Gideon
Ed attempting to organise lots of kids

Graham and Marilyn trying to find a suitable skipping spot
Ed introduces the children to some unconventional warm up moves not seen since 1950s Britain

Relay racing gets underway

Over and under…or is it over and over ?

Even our bus driver lends Cathy a hand with skipping duties

Boeb tries to explain a game to the kids

Some boys get an improvised volley ball game goingwith a skipping rope and soccer ball.

Graham and Marilyn lead their group in a game of catch

 Not supposed to have favourites, but Amy found one…

Sophie does an admirable job with back to
back art lessons and a full house

Girls like football too !

They didn’t want us to leave !


Author: SeeBeyondBorders

SeeBeyondBorders provides children in Cambodia with access to quality teaching and learning at school. Our approach is through sustainable development, helping communities help themselves.

One thought on “Pictures worth a thousand words”

  1. Hi Amy, I looked at your photos on the blog you sent with my friend Ali (from KAPE). I am happy to see all of your pictures! The children look very happy!

    I hope I can meet you and all your group from See Beyond Borders next time you come to Kampong Cham!

    Thank you, Asrey.


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