Temples of Angkor

The temple complex at Angkor is breathtaking and simply enormous. In groups of 4, the SBB crew took to the temples armed with cameras, water bottles and tour guides.

Beginning with the world’s largest religious building, we sauntered through the ‘temple that is a city’ and gazed at the beauty of every corner, bass relief and decorative flourish of Angkor Wat. This place has often been referred to as heaven on earth.

Next stop on the temple tour was Ta Prohm, nicknamed the Tomb Raider temple or the Indiana Jones temple. We followed our guide through the maze of iconic tree roots and surviving stones, stopping for photo opportunities and to listen to the stories passed on by many. This was an amazing temple – a place that seemed so surreal.

The last stop for two of the groups was Bayan, the mesmerizing temple of Cambodia’s legendary king – Jayavarman VII. This incredible site takes your breath away as you climb through the corridors and up and down the steep stair cases, all the while being surrounded by 216 giant smiling faces. Some of us stopped to receive a blessing at the shrines, while others simply took it all in.

Our guide gave us the opportunity to then return to our hotel or continue on to watch the sunset over the temples.

Our amazing day was topped off with the arrival of Priscilla (sad to see you go Kate), dinner at the noodle bar before a few beers and the hurling grand final at Molly Molone’s Irish Pub.


Author: SeeBeyondBorders

SeeBeyondBorders provides children in Cambodia with access to quality teaching and learning at school. Our approach is through sustainable development, helping communities help themselves.

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