PROJECTS TEAM 101 KIDS and a health program

PROJECTS TEAM…101 KIDS and a health program

28 September 2012
School:  Rohal Sounglech Primary School
After a group breakfast the Projects Team set off with Sophia, the two Seans and teachers Jenny, Claire, and Anne.  Our van was laden with our premade health program supplies.  Maggie, Graham and Marilyn had worked tirelessly the day before to produce 100 soap stockings and toothbrush packs for the students.
Heavy rain threatened to bog the van but a break in the weather meant we arrived on time at Rohal Sounglech Primary.  We are warmly received by the school’s Principal who shows us a striking blue building whose refurbishment and new roof was funded by SeeBeyondBorders. 
We set up our stations on the verandah, ready to teach hygiene literacy to a gaggle of local kids, who have made a special trip to school today during their holidays to participate in the program.
Health Programs are an important adjunct to SeeBeyondBorders integrated education approach, ensuring children are also schooled in basic life skills that most of us take for granted.
Our commandeered school desks make fine staging points for the children’s whirlwind through, hand washing, teeth brushing and weighing and measuring.
Controlled chaos ensues in the humidity for the first few groups.  Maggie gives the why and when talk for the hand washers aided by Boeb and student leaders.  We settle into a rhythm and work our way through the groups of kids.
Big Sean’s teeth brushing demo, with Sophia and Jenny on back up gets the most giggles of the day and each child receives a brush and paste, along with a takeaway soap to use at home. Many of the children have never seen a tooth brush before, which is evident in the state of kids’ dental hygiene in Cambodia.
The weighing and measuring team does an admirable job of recording and cataloguing 101 individual children’s vital stats on cards.  Sadly there are some very malnourished children in this community, including a 13 year old boy who at 146 cms weighs less than 30 kilos.  The aim of recording the children’s height and weight is to track their development (or lack of) over the coming months and years, and to identify candidates for a SeeBeyondBorders Rice Scholarship. 
Rice Scholarships allow the neediest children and their families to maintain a reasonable diet on the proviso children attend school in exchange for a regular ration of rice.  There will be a few Rice Scholarship candidates at Rohal Sounglech Primary.
SeeBeyondBorders plan to run the program on a six monthly basis with help from the student leaders and staff here.   All in all another very rewarding morning, surrounded by happy, enthusiastic kids.
– Amy BB

Author: SeeBeyondBorders

SeeBeyondBorders provides children in Cambodia with access to quality teaching and learning at school. Our approach is through sustainable development, helping communities help themselves.

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